Space 1999

Been watching a few episodes of this old 70’s sci fi show.  Even tho the acting is a bit stilted, and the sets and uniforms obviously 70’s cheese, I’m still enjoying it.

But the science? holy non-existent! In one episode, the moon which was blown out of earth orbit, the whole premise of the show, was travelling in the space between galaxies.  Moving a bit fast you think? And yet they had time to interact with planets and spaceships along the way.  Methinks science took a backseat in this show.

1space1999Still though, its a fun romp in a way, and had some amazing guest stars you’d hardly believe.  Just watched one with Joan Collins, and there’s another with Christopher Lee.

And season two added the lovely Catherine Schell as Mya, a metamorph.  So if you are bored some day, and looking for a fanciful sc-fi romp, suspend your disbelief, and enjoy this old…. ummm… classic?


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