10 Channels, 2 Programs… why?

Was watching (or trying at least) to watch some sports last night.  Harkening back to my love of curling, there’s a tournament in Toronto, and I was expecting coverage.  Apparently they aren’t deeming to until Thursday, so be it.

But for the love of god, between them TSN and SportsNet have 10 different feeds.  Last night, they had a total of 4 programs on these 10.  What’s the point of having them? Sportsnet had the Jays game on four channels.  I’m not a baseball fan, but I do understand that many follow the Jays religiously.  However, I’m pretty sure they can do it on one channel, they don’t need 4 identical ones.

There must be something else to show? Heck I’d even watch darts, or snooker, or nearly anything.  Give us a variety, or kill the superfluous extras!

Oh and don’t get me started on 8 hours of repeats of Sports Center on 5 channels….





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