Carry on and Mastodon

If you follow the tech scene at all, and likely even if not, you've probably heard a lot of buzz about Mastodon lately.  I'm actually perhaps a little late to the scene, but I joined the bandwagon this past weekend, and thought I'd share my thoughts and tips.  Sorry for any incoherence. And I'll update... Continue Reading →


10 Channels, 2 Programs… why?

Was watching (or trying at least) to watch some sports last night.  Harkening back to my love of curling, there's a tournament in Toronto, and I was expecting coverage.  Apparently they aren't deeming to until Thursday, so be it. But for the love of god, between them TSN and SportsNet have 10 different feeds.  Last... Continue Reading →

Picture Says it all Really

I can't say I watch wrestling much anymore, but when I was younger I remember going to some bar or another to watch almost all the major events. I have a memory of this one motel bar out by what used to be the beginning of the divided highway, which was nearly into Kenmount road... Continue Reading →

Olympic Hockey Done

The NHL announced today it won't be participating in the next olympics.  I get some of the reasons, but I really think it's short sighted.  Yeah it's in the middle of the season, yeah some of the players could get injured.  But they could get injured walking to the rink too. To me the the olympics... Continue Reading →

Chess on Ice

I'm currently watching the men's world curling championships. I know a lot of people laugh at the game and can't seem to follow it, but to me it's probably my favorite thing to watch. It sounds simple, get your rock as close to the center as you can, and prevent the other team from doing... Continue Reading →

The Seasons they are a Changing

After waking up and looking out the window at snow yet again, I was reminded of an article I read somewhere about Inuit elders saying the seasons were changing.  It came from Facebook, so may have been as credible a link as the Enquirer alien sightings. Now I'm not saying we didn't get bad weather and... Continue Reading →

Space 1999

Been watching a few episodes of this old 70's sci fi show.  Even tho the acting is a bit stilted, and the sets and uniforms obviously 70's cheese, I'm still enjoying it. But the science? holy non-existent! In one episode, the moon which was blown out of earth orbit, the whole premise of the show,... Continue Reading →

Imagination Lost?

Remember when we were kids? (Well I guess that depends on your age).  There was a travel game called car bingo, and I'm sure its still around in some form.   The object was to fill your card, or a line, or whatever, based upon the models you spotted while traveling.  And in my day... Continue Reading →

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