80’s Memories

I'm sure each generation has their own time period that defines them in some way, and they can't imagine how it must be like for newer generations to never experience it. For me that's the eighties.  The music seemed more real, people sang, they weren't autotuned.  The hairspray! God the hairspray! Black Jeans, Acid Wash... Continue Reading →


Do You See What I See?

I get odd thoughts.  Or at least I think they are odd.  One of them is colour. Barring colour blindness, if you see red, I see red.  If you see blue, I see blue etc. But... Is what you call blue the same as what I see? Its hard to explain, but what I mean... Continue Reading →

Mid Life Crisis?

About 2 years ago, I leased my most recent car.  After a pretty extensive round of drives and tests,  I settled on a Mazda 3. Its been a reliable, steady car.  But...its not exciting.  There's nothing wrong with it per se, it works fine, has good acceleration, good on gas, and the dealer support has... Continue Reading →

What do Aardvarks Dream?

Well I don't really know if they do, heck I rarely remember dreaming myself. But for some reason, this name has been stuck in my head forever, so I decided to at least use it. My intent, today at least, is to just have a random blog, where I try to force myself to write... Continue Reading →

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